Build 5 Habits This Year

5 habits may seem a very small number but if you picked the right habits, they could end up changing your life.

On an average, a person may take upto 66 days to pick up a new habit or roughly 5 life changing habits every year.

The trick is to pick the habits with the end in mind. Changing a simple habit like drinking soda or chewing your nails will not have the same effect as other habits which could change your life for good.

Not all habits are equal in importance or impact. A habit which can have an impact on other habits or your behavior could set off a chain reaction with immense spin off benefits.

Picking the right habits to change could snowball into monumental changes in your life.

For example, if you decided to go to the gym early every morning, you would have to get up early every morning and to do that you would have to eat and sleep early.

Pick one good habit and you end up with three with immense long term benefits.

Follow the Model Based Habit forming approach and you are set for long term success.