A Single thought can Change Your life

“A single thought can revolutionize your life as it did mine.  A single thought can make you rich or it can land you in prison for the rest of your life.”

Earl Nightingale

Our thoughts have the unique capability to make us or break us. All great achievements started off as a thought in someone’s mind.

A positive thought executed properly can work wonders for the person. Ray Kroc created Mcdonalds by making the hamburger joint “duplicable”.

Paul Hartunian made a fortune selling “The Brooklyn Bridge”. He figured out people would like to collect old pieces of the scrap while the bridge was being repaired.

The Wright Bothers had an idea that man could fly. They got working on their idea and changed forever how mankind travelled.

You can modify your self image and reality with the right thoughts and create your own future, literally. Most successful people do.