How to Avoid a Life Of Misery

Warren Buffett’s partner Charlie Munger, gave these tips to school children on ways to avoid a life of misery

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a sure shot way to live miserably. Charlie gave the example of four of his friends, two of whom died due to their addiction. Another one survives as an alcoholic. Just say no to alcohol and drugs.

Feeling Resentful towards someone who did something bad to you will only create hate and resentment in your heart. Get over the feeling and let the world take care of the person who wronged you. There is no way someone could harm you and get away with it. Justice will be done. Just don’t poison your heart and mind with bad thoughts.

Being Unreliable is another way to add misery to your life. If you make a commitment to someone, stick to it. Else, people will stop trusting you and you will get isolated at work and in your social circles.

Letting Life Knock you down. Sometimes you will face serious problems in life. Problems that may nock you down. Learn to get up and fight your way through. No loss is permanent unless you decide to give up and let it win. To avoid a life of misery you have to bounce back.

Refusing to learn from past mistakes.  Every human being will make mistakes at some point in their lives. The wise one will learn from her mistakes and not repeat them. The trick is to always make new mistakes and not repeat the old ones.

Continous learning is another way to avoid misery in life. Learn to be the leader in your chosen field. Your biggest expense maybe the money you fail to earn every month due to a gap in your education and skill set. Take out the time and put in extra effort to learn on a continous basis.