How to Master Your Priorities

Warren Buffet’s personal airplane pilot Mike Flint once asked Warren for advice on time management and tips to getting things done.

His boss asked him to write down his top 25 career goals. (You could also do it for your short term goals and tasks).

Then he asked him to circle the 5 most important goals from that list.

So now Flint had 2 lists, the first bigger list of 20 goals, tasks in your case, and a shorter second list of 5 goals or tasks.

Flint thought his boss wanted him to work on the 5 things first and pay less attention to the second list of 20 goals.

However, Buffet advised him to completely ignore the bigger list till the first list of 5 goals was done. He advised Flint to complete the 5 goals in the first list before starting workon anything else.

The key to success is to focus on a limited number of goals at any time. Focus on the essential stuff with huge payoffs. Refrain from frittering away your energy and will power on stuff with small payoffs.

The goals on your list may all be important to you but you got to pick the top 5 with maximum impact on your life. Most of your goals actually derail your progress by diffusing your attention.

Tony Robbins advise is Total Focus and Massive action to achieve goals. Choose a limited number of goals and take massive action to achieve them.