Writing is good for your Brain

Writing has long been considered a good habit to cultivate, as it clarifies the thoughts floating around in your mind. For people like me who can’t seem to settle down and write even a few sentences, writing can be plain torture.

But, today I am going to make a beginning. I will write at least one post on this blog every day. Almost all things start as a thought and these need to be written down.

A written word is immortal. I plan to write down much of what I read, without any big plan in mind and see how this habit shapes up.

The inspiration for this came to me after reading Seth Godin’s blog post. This blog is entirely inspired by his blog. After 1000 posts I want to look back at my writing and feel proud of my work.


I think writing regularly is the best therapy for the brain, which in today’s age of information overload is unable to focus on any particular topic for an extended period of time.

If you want to start writing the best way is to just start with whatever you have in mind. The ideas will come on their own as you sit down and write

Dont overthink, just start