Are you a Producer or a Consumer

Apple recently announced a slew of new services aimed at providing digital content to consumers around the world in almost all languages spoken on Planet earth.

We will now be able to spend more and more of our time consuming content rather than spend our time creating something valuable or helpful.

Look around and you will find more and more people staring at their mobile screens or listening to something.

This is time wasted consuming rather than producing or creating something.

This is what Russell Kirsch, who developed the first digital image scanner had to say for Apple back when the Ipad was first launched

I’ve been against Macintosh company lately. They’re trying to get everyone to use iPads and when people use iPads they end up just using technology to consume things instead of making things. With a computer, you can make things. You can code, you can make things and create things that have never before existed and do things that have never been done before.”

“That’s the problem with a lot of people”, he continued, “they don’t try to do stuff that’s never been done before, so they never do anything, but if they try to do it, they find out there are lots of things they can do that have never been done before.
Quote courtesy Joel Runyon

Now maybe the right time to think differently and become creators and dial down our consumer habits. Use the computer to create something useful, something never done before.

Do things that have never been done before