Operation Money Suck

Operation Money Suck is a term coined by legendary copywriter and entrepreneur Gary Halbert.

Legendary copywriter John Carlton narrates a story of his first day at work Gary. As he sat down to work with Gary, minor emergencies broke out in his office.

His office printer jammed, a couple of clients called up threatening legal action over some issues and his landlord went ballistic on some pending issues.

Assuming, Gary would first attend to the emergencies raging around him, John gathered his papers and was about to leave.

Gary however, ignored everything happening around him, shut his office door and began working with John.

“Operation MoneySuck,” he said, rifling through his Rolodex for the number of a client we needed to call.  “Screw all that irrelevant stuff.  We’re gonna bring in the bucks.”

John Carlton

After a couple of hours of solid work doing ads, calling up clients and doing money-making activities, Gary emerged from his office. By then, all emergencies had been taken care of.

The lesson to be learned from Operation Money Sucks is that if you are in charge of bringing in the money your first & second and third priority… should be to always focus on generating sales and cash.

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All other activities should be delegated to free up time to focus on your primary task of generating money for the business.

Most successful people keep assistants, secretaries, and helpers to do the grunt work for them so that they can focus on doing work that matters – Create Wealth.

Commit to a goal and pursue it with determination, dedication, and discipline and very soon you will be doing things you previously thought impossible.

Such a mindset is addictive and once you acquire the habit of focusing on the main thing in your life, your life will change. Miracles will happen in your life.